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History of the Book of First Timothy

This is one of the four letters the Apostle Paul wrote to individual people. This epistle was written to Timothy in Ephesus and was a leadership manual for Churches. He counsels Timothy on the problems of false teachers, public prayer , the role of women and the requirements for elders and deacons. Because of the subject of First Timothy, it has become known as one of the Pastoral Epistles. Paul wrote this letter while in Macedonia around A.D. 62-63. This Book can be broken down into 5 themes: Warning, Worship, Wisdom, Widows and Wealth.

Dear Lord,

Please help this person to gain a better understanding of what it is You would have them to learn while reading this Online Bible. The Book of First Timothy is filled with Your Wisdom. May this person be filled with Your presence as they begin to draw close to You in reading Your Bible.

In Jesus Name,




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